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Tennis tracking

Indeed. All about the money, nothing about quality or service...
And the watch is not the cheapest one, but it is the one with the less options.
Boooeh Samsung!!!!

How do I choose tennis in activity tracker in S health app on my Sasung Smart Watch 42mm I see it listed in S health app on my phone but not as an option on my watch...


You cannot use it in your watch, only in the phone.


We have all complained about things like this for years but welcome to Samsung world of support. Once they sell you a product they forget about you.


Indeed .... no single reaction on this topic by Samsung ....

The only thing they are interested in is how to get your money ...


Samung is the worst!!!!


Ouuuch!!!! Belive me. Actually I've an Active 2 on the basket in Amazon Germany. I hesitate about NFC and workout activities....and I found this forum.

I have a "cheap" Amazfit Verge with tennis (of course) between the activities included. Heart rate, steps, backhand, forehand, serve, etc...and I didn't mind that this pricey Samsung will not include tennis...but I see that it was. No tennis, no badmington, padel, squash....nothing with a raquet.


Could it be just because the AppleWatch does not include tennis? If "they" don't...we neither. 


I only play tennis (padel tennis) and the lack of tennis on this watch makes it almost useless for me.


Sad day. After spending many days trying to decide my new watch (wearOS vs Tizen) pros and cons....I found this... weakness...lack? 


Samusng TV, Samsung Cellular, Samsung Audio....and now ....Garmin, Fossil, Polar... watch? Bah

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I think I will switch back to Polar and than the Ignite. Polar has more sports profiles and especially tennis and the Ignite has a great look. Does someone has experienced the Ignite already? 

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Same boat here. 

Totally silly that the app on the phone has tenis and not on my Active 2 watch. We want tenis, padel, squash, come on Samsung!!! 


Tennis and badmington are 5th and 6th of the most practiced sport in the world. Only Swimming (the 1st) is an individual sport on the six most played list(Swimming, Football, Volley, Basket, tennis and badmington...). I know it will be not easy to make an app that works propperly, but something like "Swing" from apple (4 stars on the applestore) will be enough for me.



Pleaaaaaaaseeeeee Samsung


Hi everybody,


Samsung is losing on the market. They are not inovating anymore. 


For badminton, tennis: check ACTOFIT =>

I'm not going to buy any Samsung product anymore. They are only interested in making money.


samsung sucks!

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