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Tennis tracking

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Great to hear, since it's been quite long ago, I'll share how I'm tracking the exercises so far.


I use UA Record, alongside with MyFitnessPal, TennisTraq App, and Samsung Health with the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro.


The UA Record is better for tracking every exercise, Samsung Health is good for tracking Sleep and Steps, MyFitnessPal for food logging and sync everything. The TennisTraq is good, but isn't complete (shows some stats, but the HR and calories just use UA Record).


Hope this helps.

AntS, thanks a lot for this really great news!
I wouldn't want to be negative, but I really hope that this plans to "slowly" add new activities/functions to the Galaxy Watch do not mean that we will have to wait another year or it would be great to hear when approximately do they really plan to add them. Is the plan for example the 1st half of 2019 or later...?
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when u play tennis , your s3 will detect that youre doing a diff training, does not appear as tennis on your phone-samsung health.   but gives u precise time and calories.     

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Same problem here since release of Samsung Watch S3.


That's really worse one. I've played Squash and Tennis several years and it's still not possible to add / edit / remove any activity from smartphone to smartwatch.


I've reported this issue two years ago. And I just got a typically standard response.


Thumbs down!

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I see this topic has been raised over 2 years ago, and still no option for Squash or Tennis on the lastets Smartwatch models.... Samsung, please... I just bought a Galaxy Watch 46mm, and this is a huge dissapointment.

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@TimKennt: Sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding this feature. Although it's not ideal I recommend checking the Google Play Store for a stand alone tennis tracker app, using user reviews and download numbers to help you make an informed decision. Alternatively you can use the 'Other Exercise' option in S Health to capture your exercise statistics, such as heart rate.
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Hello Andrew,


this reply is a another disappointment. There are a lot of peoples, who don't want install and use third party apps, when Samsung has already had a "good" health app. Another unneccessary registration, etc.


So please, inform the developers, they should make us possible to add any of the lot of workouts, which is on Samsung Health app (for mobile) already available.


@AndrewL: do you really mean this? I would be ashamed to tell this. This means years and years Samsung is not developping smart watches anymore, only a new layout?

You should be ashamed saying that the users not to use another app (or watch) to track any racket sport. So you are also suggesting NOT to buy the Watch of Samsung. This is what I conclude. Samsung be ashamed!


My feeling is Samsung eventually will add a dummy "tennis" app trying to fool us. An app that says tennis but basically will track nothing more than the Other exercise does

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Xiaomi and all other ***** is capable with tennis and galaxy watch doesn't.

It's a shame, that I can not return my watch because of this reason. 

I hope samsung team will do something about this activity... 

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