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Tennis tracking


No chance

Activity tracking in Samsung sucks

Mostly is a timer. Rowing tracking does not record strokes just time. Same with many other. What's the use of having so many sensors if they use just the timer

Next watch will not be Samsung


Samsung forgets clients once they sell the product. 


They concentrate on the next product and support is a joke


Best tracker is using a pod which you can place on your racket (squash, badminton, tennis). Just have a look at actofit website:

Next watch is definitely not a Samsung one. They don't inovate anymore. Also store for the watch is only having skins (other GUI's) to display hour, but that's it. No app for IP camera's, no real apps, ....

Very disappointing Samsung!!!


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The only work around I have found is to 1. Record the activity on the watch as "other workout" 2. When you're done, open Samsung Health on your phone 3. Find the activity and press edit 4. You can then choose the activity you actually carried out (e.g. tennis) Hope this helps
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What is the meaning of having the option to select e.g. tennis on the smartphone but not on the watch? Does Samsung expect their customers being more likely to play tennis with the smartphone in hands than wearing the watch?

Quality of Samsung has been decreased ... a lot!

Focus is on selling and not on quality anymore; unfortunately :-(


My next smartphone and watch will not be Samsung anymore. That's for sure.

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How slow is slowly? Still waiting for tennis, aquarobic and mountainbike. These profiles are available in the Health app but still not on the samsung galaxy watch active. So I have to change for these exercise back to polar.......

Indeed, Polar has huge range of different sports (more than 80).

Not only weight lifting, ... But real DIFFERENT sports types like tennis, badminton, ...

Next smartwatch Will be Polar again. Samsung? No thank you!!!

Samsung enrolled the info that they won't develop any extra sports for the current watches. In 1 year there will be (maybe) extra sports added, but this is NOT yet confirmed.


Never again Samsung, poor service and updates

WiFi connection sucks


Once you buy it they forget you

You are joking. If I use a different app what the watch is for ?

Honestly the support from Samsung sucks. Most of the sports supported is just a stopwatch and tracks little else
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