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Swim issues since May 2019 update for 42mm Smart watch

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Help!!! So I have the 4G enabled 42mm smart watch with EE. I was having connections issues (ongoing since Nov 2018.) There was a large updated at the end of May which EE said would resolve these issues. It didnt! And since the update the watch wont accurately measure my swim lengths. I have since had a new watch from EE and the connectivity issues have resolved but the swim issues are still there. So today it said I swam 5 lengths when I swam 2. It's either massively under counting or over counting. Everything else is fine - tracks my run , exercise just not swimming. Any ideas? 

AndrewL Moderator
@Sez1984: You may be able to resolve this by manually entering the pool length when you select Swimming as your exercise choice in S Health.

S Health > Exercise Tracker > Workout > Swimming > Workout Screen > Pool Length

Let me know if this helps at all.
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That option is no longer there on the s health app since the update.  Just a list of steps floors etc. I have to go into workout on the watch and swimming pool length that way. It does say 25m 

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Any other ideas?

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Fixed my own issue I set the Pool length under the custom tab as 25m - not just the 25m option. And it counted perfect! 

THIS WAS A ONE OFF!!!! Now not working again !! Has anyone else had this issue?

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