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Spotify app is missing on Non-Samsung phones' Galaxy Store

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Same issue here, fhanks for creating the thread, really! Sadly I cannot wait for the generic support answers:

Please restart your device.
Please update your apps.
Please try different network connections..

All which will have no effect at all. All we want is to know if this is actually being looked at and if there is a timeline for a possible, real, solution .

Clearly these things don't get tested for non Samsung phone owners... Otherwise this watch is amazing piece of hardware. Gimped by a huge issue like this. I can imagine Samsung not caring much for people not committed to their entire hardware lineup maybe? It's such an Apple thing to do..

My specs:

Phone: Pixel 3 XL, Android Pie 9.0.0
Watch: Galaxy watch 46mm, Tizen
Galaxy Wearable App: Latest version,
Galaxy watch plugin: 2.2.0519030741N
Location: Belgium
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Same problem.. Can't find spotify in the galaxy store.

Tried everything.. Borrowed my girlfriends phone (galaxy 9) and used her samsung account, and then i could get Spotify installed on the watch. But even though i could use spotify on the watch with her phone and account, i still could not manage to understand how to download the songs to the watch to listen offline (have premium). Like i could on my Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. 


My specs:

Phone: Sony Xperia XA1, Android 8

Watch: Galaxy Active

Galaxy Wearable App: Latest version

Location: Sweden


Same here. No Spotify in the Galaxy Store on my iPhone or my watch

My specs:

Phone: iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.4

Watch: Gear Sport, Tizen

Galaxy App: Galaxy Watch, Latest version, 1.8.19021402

Location: Switzerland

Does not work on my Gear Sport that is paired with an iPhone.
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samsung still does not understand the issue, I just got this unhelpful reply:


I understand that you are experiencing difficulty with your Galaxy Watch. I know how inconvenient it is. For now, kindly follow the basic troubleshooting steps below.



First download on your phone the Samsung Wearable Application



Kindly sync your Galaxy Watch on your phone.



From your Galaxy Watch go to Galaxy store and search for Spotify.

These steps should resolve the issue. Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to send us a response email and I'll be glad to assist you.

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All software up to date. I can't find Spotify with my pixel 2 and Galaxy watch active on Galaxy store. I have this problem since I bought the watch 2 weeks ago. First Samsung experience and it's not good...




I have the same problem! Using the Samsung galaxy watch and iPhone 6s. It was working until a week or so ago and is now gone. Hope this gets fixed soon, it’s very annoying as having the Spotify app on my watch was the main reason I bought it.

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Same for me. This is just another comment to raise awareness that there are lot of users, who are pissed by that.

My specs:

Phone: Honor 8

Watch: Galaxy Watch Active, Tizen

Galaxy App: Galaxy Wearable, Latest version,

Location: Germany

I have the same problem as well. I can not find Spotify app in Galaxy Watch Store.

My specs:
Phone: Xiaomi MI8, Android 9
Watch: Galaxy Active
Galaxy Wearable App: Latest version
Location: Hungary

Same problem.
Using my Huawei P20.
First Samsung experience is disappointing so far. Got this because of the Spotify feature. I love my spotify better and if not resolved within the next week I'm returning the watch.

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