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Something is rapidly draining the battery of my Gear S3 Frontier


Another issue that has come to light relates to charging. 


I've noticed a couple of times that despite being on charge overnight when I wake up in the morning, the watch is still not fully charged.


The only common factor has been that the phone has died before the end of the day despite me putting it into low power mode.  So when the watch is put on the charger, although it is dead, it remains in low power mode.  


I'm going to try charging for a few minutes if this happens again and then switch it to normal power before leaving it overnight to charge.

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mines doing the same
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Yesterday and today, mine has drained after factory reset  from 100% to 0% in approximately 6hrs.


My Gear S3 Frontier was fully charged when I woke up for work this morning, and when I left for work at 6:30am, I noticed it was at 53% and thought maybe i read it wrong this morning. At 10:00 it was at low battery and right after that it shut down. Need this fixed!!!!!

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Mine started doing the same three days ago. I've been using it over a year without a problem. Factory reset didn't help and neither reinstalling the phones software.
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Daughter purchased my S3 Frontier for Fathers Day 2018. It has benn operating just finne runiing for 2-3 days between charges until recently. With a full charge the watch is down to under 15% within 8hrs use. 

I have reimaged and reset watch but still have the same issue.

Please advise on fix for this issue.

I am located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.



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My started to suffer the same about 3 days ago, I did factory reset twice to see if that would help, but it did not. I tried with 2 different charges just in case, didn't help. There's gotta be something software ralated

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Hi guys.


Very similar issue is happening for the Gear Sport at the moment too. There's a thread on that pinned to the Smartphones, Tablets & Wearables board here that it's worth checking out the latest in. My latest posts in it are  here; here; and here BTW.


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I had the same problem with my S3, my battery suddenly begun to drain fastly with no increase but normal usage. This is what I did and it works for me.

First I made a backup of my stuff, and then reset the watch. When it came up again, I realize that there were some app's that needed to be updated, even if I search for them before and said to me that no updates were necessary. Then I downloaded my backup from the cloud and from there I have my watch running at a normal battery drain again.

Hope it helps.


Happened to me some weeks ago.
Handed it in for waranty repair.
They changed the motherboard. Uncertain if they changed the battery.
Before it was down 10-11% per hour. Now after repair it is down 9% in 5 hours. Looking good.

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