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Samsung smartwatch 46mm


Just for those of you how might have had the same problem I feel your pain and distrust with Samsung.

My smartwatch was sent back to be repaired due to a battery fault for some strange reason battery life was last a day if lucky. I received smartwatch back and low and behold I have a new fault now.

So I had to go through the lovely task (NOT) of arranging for it to be returned  for the new fault. But I was told by customers service that there engineers check everything is fine before sending back. Well not this time. Plus I had a call off customers service to apologise and promise that my smartwatch will be  sort.

Here is the kicker the customers service supervisor tried to say that my smartwatch will be sort and returned fully functional, how can they say that when one of there own engineers cause my second problem.

Please if anyone has an answer let me know. 

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