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Samsung pass


I have e mailed Samsung with this one directly but got no reply.

I know it had to under go some changes recently due to the s8 arrival 

But I have an 7 edge and Samsung pass seems to cause me more problems than it cures

It will ask to remember a password when I least want it to for example 

I forgot my Vodafone password and Samsung pass has never asked to remember it so I put it down to Vodafone security but when I went to change my password it will send you a temporary one to type in so you can reset and put your own in so at  the first stage were you put your temp one in (a mixture of words)

And it will ask if I want it to remember that one so obviously as that is the temporary one I will dismiss but not press the NO NEVER option because hopefully when I type the password I want it will ask again but never does 

Also as Google has it's own password helper it never seems to ask to use fingerprint for my Google accounts 

And one more issue is when I just set up a Samsung account I tried to log in on my usual Samsung account it must have the wrong details because it wouldn't let me in,so I go into my settings and get the same message as I get more often than not SAMSUNG PASS IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE 

Is an one else experiencing similar or different issues?

Has any body any solutions especially to the Google one.I'm convinced they conflict with one another and why is it always temporarily unavailable

Any help will be appreciated 


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@DRUIDDOODE513 No worries. :smileyhappy:


If you're still experiencing that red box/privelege issue with the forum, then try clearing the browsing data for Google Chrome (3 dots to the right of the address bar > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data), and then logging back in.

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Hi buddy I have login issues I use Samsung pass but when I log in it says incorrect details.

If I then in into Samsung pass (If it lets me in temporarily unavailable)

My password has changed to the longest list of letters it can fit in 

Does any one have similar issues or any solutions please

Superuser I
Superuser I

I would suggest either deleting login details from Samsung pass or editing it. 

I didn't have problems with availability of SP in recent past. 


I have posted only three  problems on here yet not one has been answered.

I understand the users may not have the answer but I get the feeling that I have hit a nerve here 

I was told by every one Samsung were one of the best at responding to issues but I have yet to see it

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @DRUIDDOODE513, tbh I have read this post 4 times now and still can not work out what your issue is to start with so to help it is almost impossible to do so, my advise is go to a Samsung experiance store and try to get some hands on help often these things are hard to explain over a forum, but to have someone there to show them what you mean can make it so much easier. If someone here had a clue on how to help you they would do what they can to help. Sorry I can not be of any help at this moment.




As they're both a bit beyond my ken, I've escalated both this and your Secure Folder query higher up. Can't give a timsecale on a solution, but as soon as we get a reply from our colleagues me or one of the other mods here will update you. 

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Thank you people

I tend to waffle rather than just get to  the issue


Basically Samsung pass isn't working as it should 


Logging into this site, it will let me in once and next time round it won't so I go into to Samsung pass and press on the details and then press show  password it  will have changed itself from the one I use to 100 letters upper and lower case and numbers and will say in red maximum number of characters used so then I put my own in again and then I get one login before I have to do it doesn't do this for all but some it doesn't even ask

Vodafone eforum is another one 

That one won't even ask to remember 

Thanks for your time


Hi thanks for taking note of my issues

It is happening every day (samsung pass )but not constant.

I would love to visit a Samsung store as I have heard a lot of good reviews but the nearest one is approximately 50 mile away.

Its a shame my network provider won't offer the same help.

I have mentioned it quite a few times online and even received a phone call from the tech team. And have been to my providers store who more often than not they don't seem to want to help.only as a last resort 

But in fairness I think they are only there to sell the devices 

But there is one or two who have done what they can.

When the nougat update came ota and I downloaded it from my network provider when I installed it my s7edge got stuck in some kind accessibility mode. were at first there was no response and then said update theme and to navigate using two fingers. 

So had to go in for repair

And since then my device has not been the same 



From having this problem for a while I have started to slow things down regarding logins and passwords and it seems that when I come to this site I now have the first option of Samsung pass come up in a white box.of which will say  incorrect details and then I press back button it will say use password for (example)Joe bloggs and I think that is Google password manager and that lets me in.of which I have turned off everything I know how 

So I think it is conflicting with Google password manager some were or there is an issue with my device

Just trying to give as much info as I can 

But the bit that worries me if Samsung pass is that secure how can some thing keep changing my passwords inside Samsung pass and it is always using the maximum amount of characters.

And just to note I have been trying to access it today and it has been saying temporarily unavailable which happens daily but never this long (4hours).

And in response to the 

"Well I use it and don't have any issues"well I am happy for you, but do you honesty think every SMARTPHONE operates the same way, with different networks, usage patterns, different apps the list is endless 

My opinion is when big mobile companies start branding phones it causes issues with the operating system.

Because most of the time when I do a bit of digging more often than not it's the branded devices that have most issues.

I love this Samsung device and I can see how it is meant to work.

It really is start trek tackle and I have the watch to go with it (gear fit 2) the only app I haven't got is BEAM ME UP SCOTTY✌

Superuser I
Superuser I

Okay as I have time (being Sunday) lets try to crack this


First of all lets try to keep this simple can you log in to the google account without any issues on any device such as a PC?

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