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Samsung galaxy watch black screen

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Thank you! Worked for me. 

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Worked for me too... thanks
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Unfortunately this solution was no use for me , i tried, but it dose noting, my galaxy watch active just work 16 days !!! 🙁😔 and suddenly its screen become black while still it conect to my phon and notification were reciveed from my phon but i cant see anything...

Im completely disappointed with samsung

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Worked for me!

The charger / power button solution worked for me, Thanks !

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You are the best ever mate,

I had the same problem today

Thanks to your solution

My watch now is alive again

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exact the same problem, local samsung repair (outsude usa) center was not allowed to fix it

They have told me how much I'd cost to fix it (IF they were allowed to do it) and it wouldn't be worth anyway... It's half the price of a new one here. Or as much as I've paid for it in the US. Or twice as much as a brand new Amazfit that will do just the same to me as this one was doing during it's first and only month of operation, so I've obviously chosen the Xiaomi one (and I'm quite happy with it!)

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