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Samsung galaxy watch and whatsapp pictures

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I have the new samsung galaxy watch and im struggling to find much info on how to do stuff on it! 


What i want to know is, when I receive a whats app message that contains a photo, how do i go about changing my settings so that i can see the photo on my watch? All i see on the watch is who the message is from the word photo and a camera emoji. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you  



CarlH Moderator

Hi @Johowden87. Some pictures may come through and others may not. I'm not sure on the prerequisites for this but it may be best to contact the app developer directly. 


i have the same,   cant see incoming pictures

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Just wondering if anyone has Managed this yet 

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I don´t think it´s possible to do it!




You can see image on galaxy watch when:


-The image is the only new message or the firstone in the WhatsApp chat

-Turn Off Edge lighting notification WhatsApp 


1 - From the Home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps screen

2 - Touch Settings

3 - Touch Display

4 - Navigate to and touch Edge screen

5 - Touch Edge lighting

6 - Touch Manage notifications

7 - Disable Edge lighting notification slider WhatsApp



Marcello Sannai 


Could you post a more detailed instruction or perhaps a video? I can't find any such edge settings on my Galaxy Watch 46mm or OnePlus 3.

Your the best, this solution is totally not logical but works.. Thanks a million..

Could you post in detail how you managed to apply this solution? I'm having a hard time applying this solutions with Samsung Galaxy 46mm and OnePlus 3.


Please post a detailed description of what you did and on which device did you use. Thank you.


Hi I just did the steps as Marcello Sannai wrote them, its the edge screen notification setting that somehow bloks the picture of going through to the watch. I also have the 46 mm galaxy watch but the lte version.

And my phone is Note FE  (NOTE 7)

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