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Samsung galaxy watch NOT locking

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I'm so annoyed by this #&£@ I wanna swear big time. This watch is so annoying. Too slow on wake up gesture. Accidental pressure in shower (not a fan turning water mode every single time) . No gesture to lock the screen  Or button combo or anything. That crapy LOCK in Security and Privacy simply doesn't work. It locks right after I set it up But couple minutes later it simply doesn't work. Absolutely everything unlocks watch without pattern. Bazel, touch.. For some reason i think it's because of that stupid No notifications notification. Is there a way how to fix my watch not locking. Today I was in shower and suddenly I hear female voice IT made a call while I was in shower to my female colleague. I just took it off and threw on the floor. It's impossible to operate it in shower..Never been so embarrassed . I would keep it in water mode forever but those stupid water drops on screen are annoying and that kind of kills the purpose of swart watch. 

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Just got my watch today and I'm having the same issue. The lock feature seemed to be working at first but isn't anymore. Did you find a solution? Thanks. 

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Hi! Yes! Download Screen Block 2 Widget. When ever watch goes sleep just wake it up and you can open it by drawing an "X" on screen. Seriously don't understand how something like this is not built in by default   

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Wow great! Just downloaded it. Problem solved. Thanks!

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Hey. So the galaxy watch will automatically lock when you either take it off, when the screen times out while the watch is not being worn, or if you restart it. Samsung probably did this so that while you are wearing it, you wouldn't have to unlock it everytime considering it's securely strapped to your wrist. Once you remove it or restart it, it will lock.

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