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Samsung active watch power drain?!


Hi all, will appreciate some help.

I went for the Samsung Active watch, hoping to replace my Fitbit Alta HR.  I like the simplfied look of active (as compare to the one with the bezel dial).

However I struggle to get the battery to last more than 1.5 days.

Software is up to date, notifications set for 10 apps (is this too much?)

Screen set to wake up gesture, alarm sync with phone, watch face majority black, brightness set to 3.

Heart rate to Auto....


What else I need to do to make the battery last a bit longer? official stated it will last at least 2 days?

On average, it currently only last me a day, 100% charged at 10pm, do not disturb mode on, wear to sleep, morning alarm, throughout the day occassion tap on screen to check time, heart rate, step count and stress level and on whatsapp/ text notifications. Then by dinner time, it's already less than 50%. no way it will last me till next day.

Last night went to bed at 80%, now at 1030am, it's warning low batt required charging (below 20%, power saving mode n).

Luckily I do have S10 but the charging connection quite awkward, and I couldn't check on my phone while topping my watch up~

and it's charging fairly slow.......


Any advise is welcome on how to get my active watch battery to last a little longer~ 15mins on, only charged 5% while power saving mode is on.





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I also bought an Active to replace my fitbit but have been shocked at the poor battery life. 


I get less than 24 hours,  with do not disturb on overnight and only text and call notifications. 


What the?

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