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Samsung Watch plays vibrates and makes sounds when sleeping even if in DND mode

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I have tried EVERYTHING to get my Samsung Watch to be completely silent while sleeping.  I have set up nightly automatic DND mode, and have also tried turning on all three silents modes:  DND, Theatre Mode, and Goodnight Mode.  Nonetheless whenever I move my arm while sleeping the watch will wake up, vibrate and make some kind of notification noise.  This is extremely irritating and I don't understand why it would do this while in DND mode (and the other two modes as well).  Please help.  Thanks.

AndrewL Moderator
@Ian47: Have you tried enabling Silent Mode? On the Quick Panel, tap the speaker symbol until a line is drawn through it (this can also be done via Settings > Sound and Vibration > Sound Mode. I also recommend disabling Wake Up Gesture manually to see if this helps - Settings > Advanced > Wake Up Gesture.
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