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As instructed on this very forum I started to send log reports, screenshots etc to the engineers (4 of them in fact). On each occasion I had an email back after several days asking me to reset the watch and phone and reboot to resolve, despite my screenshots suggestion it may be Samsung Health V6 with Tizen 4 causing the issue. Then asked to carry out some steps that are not even relevant on the Galaxy Watch, baffling to say the least.
Ive given up now, they clearly dont want to or are unable to listen but feel obliged to respond to this method of contact.
They either know the issue but are holding out until the 28 days are up or they have no clue why so many Watches are failing so keep quiet.
Either way, it really isnt the best rollout and ultimately is damaging the Samsung brand at a time Apple seem to be bringing out a solid device (despite 18 hours battery) and Wear OS are about to realease new Watches, not mentioning Fitbit who despite having childlike looking watches have fitness tracking nailed in my humble opinion and support that actually do attempt to resolve issues via Live Chat


Agree. I think Samsung have got to be very careful at the moment. Several new watches being launched and no great feedback regarding these issues. I'm still hopeful an update can resolve the problems but it would nice if we were officially told this. 


AntS - Or in fact any moderator of your on here today, check this out..


After your suggestions to send logs to engineers via the members app I have submitted 5 all related to the steps/HR/calories burnt showing screenshots with logfiles. I've told them on numerous occasions I have reset the watch, rebooted the watch, resintalled apps and submitted links to reviews and groups where many many others have this issue, all I get back is this:


Samsung engineer response:



My query yesterday was in relation to stating a workout, no HR at all until I rebooted in the middle of my workout:



Then after restart this total shambles: The graph is generous to be honest, throughout this workout the watch read nothing so I was surprised to even see some highs and lows amongst the flatlines..





Im really not sure how Samsung expect customers to stay loyal to a brand that truly is offering nothing in the way of support on a device costing £300 and sold as a fitness tracker.


I have 6 days left I believe to return for a full refund, same as most customers in the UK, Im asking honestly if you or someone heading up your team/department can put our minds at rest over this issue, software or hardware. The problem isnt going away, at a time when your competitors seem to be releasing true fitness related products, the completre lack of support or achknoledgment of any issue is damaging your brand.


Look forward to your reply, unless its the same as the members app team in which case not looking forward to it at all 


@AntS - Can you or one of your collegues explain what this means below?


I submitted log_dumps from Galaxy Watch + screenshots as requested in the members app and posted on the help content section of your website again which they requested..


Within 2 hours they had set them as completed with no contact to me or any resolve/explanantion? What does 'completed' mean inside Samsung, I may be wrong but to me it appears they have simply closed all questions after approx 2 hours without even looking at them? 




Well my charger never turned up so I sent this slight annoyed emial.... At last I got an honest response. 20181001_135502.jpg

 The email was sent due to several phone calls and emails to confirm a delivery date which had been confirmed on a number of occasions



Dissapointes to say the least 

AntS Moderator

@GaryBrett: They'll have closed all but one ticket to avoid duplication of response to you. All the info you sent will remain via your Members ID at our end though.


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