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Samsung Pay on Gear S3 repeatedly fails UK

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So I factory reset my Gear. Deleted Samsung Pay from my Note 8. Reinstalled Spay on Gear. Registered all cards perfectly. Then did the same on my Note 8....


Still no joy 😭😭😭😭😭

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I am just appalled at the situation.

So I sent the log files to Samsung and they have now come back saying that the issue is because of the fact that I bought my phone from Hong Kong.

This is really ridiculous to be honest. Samsung is a global company. Their phones are sold all over the world. The world is a small place now. One travels the world often and can buy a product from any place in the world. For things to work only in country of purchase is preposterous! At any point of time this was not advised to me by the shop when I asked if all would work in the UK.


This is now waste of my money. 

I bought my daughter an apple watch from HongKong and works great in the UK for apple pay. 


Surely Samsung can take this in their service centre and flash rom to UK version? 

If anyone from Samsung is reading this your help would be appreciated. 





Really sorry you're having so many issues Nilesh. I know it's incredibly frustrating and you can very quickly lose all faith in a brand.  I own several Samsung tvs and my last 4 phones and 2 watches have been Samsung. However, I am unlikely to buy a Samsung again for two reasons. Firstly, I had problems with my first Samsung watch the gear 2. It was an issue with the bezel. I phoned the Samsung UK helpline to be told that you must take it to a service centre. Well trying to find a service centre want exactly easy. Then when I made a fairly long trip to the centre I was told that they d don't deal with wearables and if have to send it off. I was not a happy man and was very frustrated with staff who really didn't care.


So I phoned the same number to bed told 'oh yes you have to send it in I don't know why you were told to travel half way across London'. Great well can you please give me a postal address so I can get it fixed on warranty. I was then asked for the serial number. I was then informed that it was a Hong Kong version and unfortunately not covered by warranty. Nothing they could or would do. 


I then had to contact Amazon who luckily replaced the watch. What a complete drama. I was also appalled at the customer service. Why couldn't the service centre I went to at the very least send the watch off for me. You get MUCH better service at Apple. Doesn't even compare!


Second reason is the very fact that I have bought 4 phones from Samsung all through the official site on account. Not once have I been offered any kind of incentive. Not 5% off , no little free gift, nothing. These phones are ridiculously expensive and they can't even garner brand loyalty. Well they can do without my money in afraid. Used to love Samsung. Now I know what their customer service is like when things go wrong. Apple would probably have just replaced the watch and apologised. 


I'm not a fan of Apple products though so I'll just buy something else. Bored with Samsung anyway. The watch is ok but nothing special.


I'll find another brand. 


Sorry for your problems Nilesh.  Take care


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Hey Borrible, 

Thanks so much for your detailed reply. You do truly understand my frustration at Samsung! 

You are right... Apple customer service is impeccable! Samsung are light years behind Apple in Customer Service. 

Likewise am not an apple fan though my family are and hence know how great their customer service is. 

Wonder if Samsung will ever learn! 

Well I am going to keep on fighting with Samsung... Lets see what happens. 

Thanks once again! 

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I have had the exact same issue - works a few times, then stops working. Samsung customer support told me to do a factory reset of my watch and re-install Pay and set up my cards again. That worked - but then same thing, after a while, it just stops responding and I have to use my phone or the card. I think this a problem with the watches, and even if the "factory reset" thing worked every time, it still isn't a satisfactory solution as it takes a while to set the watch up again. I bought the S3 Frontier because I wanted Samsung Pay, so I feel kinda cheated, and I have to say that in the UK, Samsung Customer support are really not that polite, let alone helpful.  Wouldn't buy an Apple Watch though. They look like toys :-)

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I have a Gears S3 with HSBC card loaded and get several failed transactions when trying to use the watch to pay.

It seems to be dependant on which contacless reader each shop uses. Sometimes it works like a dream and sometimes it just doesn't work at all.

Pretty annoying and makes you look a right Tit when it doesn't work in a shop.

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I have been using Samsung Pay on a Gear S3 Frontier and S8+ Phone since launch.  All I can say is don't, Samsung Pay (and Samsung software in general) is terrible, their support is equally as bad.  I have sent numerous log files to them with issues.  If it is a Samsung Pay problem they will never admit it is a software problem, they will always blame your card issuer or the watch needs repair.  It is not, it is their terrible software.  Among the issues I have had are:


Reader simply not detecting the watch and just sits there.

Payment not authorised,

Phone not found (even though Samsung state that you can use the watch without the phone present).


I would say the watch works 50% of the time.  Currently I have not had a successful payment in 3 weeks (all at places that I use regularly and have used the watch with before).


Add to this the farce of Samsung continually 'fixing' the battery issue and fail (my watch will last 6 hours on a full charge with almost everything turned off).


My next watch will be an Android/Google Pay watch as Samsung software engineers have not got a clue (don't get me started on their 'smart' TVs!).

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Well I have my Note 9 but still issues with Samsung Pay on my Frontier. So frustrating that it works sometimes only. Not sure why offer a product which does not work! It is so embarrassing when you try to use it and it does not work. I get scared using it!


Have recently sent log files and has been 2 weeks ... No response can you believe it. When I called I was told they are looking into it! 


Is anyone actually able to use Samsung Pay on galaxy gear/watch more then a couple of times..? For me it only worked the first time and after that it fails every time or is not detected at all by contactless reader. 

Using Gear S3 Classic and Galaxy S9+ both UK versions..

This is ridiculous.....

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I've given up using the Gear Watch for payments. I've been made to look a right tool in shops where I've tried to use it but it's constantly failing. I'm using S9 with Gear3. Not sure what the issue is but it's not reliable in the UK

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