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Samsung ICONX Headphones help - beeping in one ear driving me insane

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Hi hoping someone can help stop me going insane 


I have recently purchased a pair of ICONX wireless ear buds for when I am in the gym.  The issue I have is that in the left ear I constantly get a double beep followed by a short whining sound as if the ear bud is reconnecting or something similar althogh the sound is still playing so must still be in synch and connected to the phone. 


Does anyone know what is causing it so I can look to stop it from happening.  It only ever happens in the left bud which incidentlly is NOT the main controller as i have that on the right. 


Many thanks in advance

TracyR Moderator

Hey @borgmachines


Can you connect your IconX to a PC using Gear Manager and check if there are any updates availabe? If there is an update the app will inform you.



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I have the same problem with iconx 2018 and Samsung s8+ can you pls help drives me crazy 

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I think your earphones are overheatin, try waving them in the air or smt. I left mine in the scorching sun for awhile and had the beeping sound, after awhile i put them on and told me the ear bud were too hot to function.
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Same problem here right ear is beeping everytime i move my head or take a step. 

I read about covering up the sensons is that an option ? 

It is imposible to enjoy these headphones as long as they keep beeping.




I haven't had these for too long. I just got them for Christmas and they often do the same thing. I'm thining it's a sesor problem.. Did you ever find an answer?

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