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Samsung Health Totals


why doesn't Samsung health give you your totals, for example total distance, total calories, total miles, total floors .... it only gives you averages. so with Fitbit if you wanted to know how many miles you did in a particular month you could find out, but not with Samsung health ???

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Can anyone answer this? I'd also like to know. Also, I get my weekly reports but is there a monthly?

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It would also be necessary to see the totals of all data over 1 week, 1 month, 1 year

- Total jogging kilometres
- Total market kilometres
- Total difference in altitude
- Total calories
- Total activity time


That is exactly the reason why for the moment Samsung Galaxy Watch cannot replace my Withings Steel HR... Also the pulse readings are sometimes way off while Withings shows the heartrate more consistently. E.g. Galaxy Watch shows 130 or 150 Withings 90-96 bpm. The only solution is to lift the watch from your wrist, place it back and then it shows +/- the same heartrate as Withings (difference +/- 2bpm)... Way to go Samsung...

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