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Samsung Health App is so worthless for iOS?

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How is it possible that the Samsung Health app is so worthless for iOS?

When I try to sync my data from my Gear S3 to my Iphone 7 only the last days will be transferd, but the rest of the month/week not. The data is surely on my gear. 

This way I do not have a good overview of my sport performances. There are a lot of gaps in the overview. 


And when I try to fill in a contact form in the app, I will get a notice that it is failed: "Error Occured". 


I think there are a lot of points for improvement in the app, but I wonder if samsung really does anything with this.


Does anyone here know how I can fix my problems from above?

I'm using it on iOS and find it's a bit of a joke to be honest. Shows very little information and a lot is missing. Doesn't even display total calories burned for the day and any exercise manually added doesn't get added to the calories displayed on my Galaxy watch.
Think I'll be returning it and stick with my FITBIT.
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