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Samsung Gear Sport Terrible Sport Choices

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I have recently purchased a gear sport to replace my polar M600 android wear watch. I am really disappointed that the huge list of sports within the s health app does not translate over to the watch. So I cannot select squash or inline skating for instance. On the polar m600 you can go in to phone application choose which sports and then these are translated to the phone. How can samsung sell a sport watch that only supports a limited amount of sports, this kind of defeats the point of it being a sport watch. I am massively disappointed with this. I also don't understand why it takes hours for my runs to appear on Strava as again when using the polar app on the watch they appeared within a minute. Please samsung sort out these basic things as I feel I have spent £300 on a watch that is much worse than a older watch from a much smaller company. To be honest I feel a little cheated by samsung.

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I need roller skating choice in the gear sport.

Soccer workout is also missing, biggest disapointment is GPS - it gets lost quickly in the middle of the workout, result of that is no workout tracking, km stops,... Cheat of the year

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I also do not understand this when app endomondo offers more sports profiles in my watch. Please add sports profiles in app health in your watch.

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I agree can't be too hard to add online skating just cut and paste cycling

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