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Samsung Gear S3 music app

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I recently purchased a Gear S3 to pair it with my S9 plus.

I found the music app to be a bit insufficient in the following ways:


1) There is no progress bar. It gives you the option to move the track forward or backwards by holding down the "next track" or "previous track" buttons, but still this is not as good as a progress bar.

2) You can't have full control of the music stored on your smartphone. What I mean... If you want to listen to music stored on your smartwatch, you can select tracks by album, artist, genre etc. But when it comes to music stored on your smartphone, for some reason you don't have those options. You can only select tracks from the file/album you open on your phone. And if you want to listen to another song on a different file/album, you have to go back to your phone again and select this file/album.. and so on..

I mean these two small things are very annoying and very simple to fix..
In Wear OS there is an app, poweramp remote, where you can do all this stuff..
Why can't there be something similar for Tizen? 

PS: sorry for my English..

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I agree. I used Music Boss on both Pebble and Android Wear OS. I can not find any apps like that on the Samsung Galaxy Apps store that would give you better control over the media your phone is playing. I anyone knows a of a solution, please let us know. 

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