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Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Battery Drain

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I bought this watch one year ago it works really well. But after some updates i got really upset. Now finally i am really fed up i don't know why Samsung are doing this. Are they uneducated or don't know how to do best. Samsung updates totally bad for gadgets. I totally wasted my money. I can buy machinery Watch with this money but i destroyed my money buying this cheap watch. 

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Superuser I

Can you recall which update you accepted onto the phone @Shakeelahmad737 which you believe maybe causing this issue?


How long does your battery last approximately  ?


Which phone are you connecting it to ?


Do you leave the Always On Display working ?


Using a dark watch face and ensuring battery saving features like time out can help.


Battery life is a subjective topic as we all set up our devices differently, have different usage habits and use different apps.


I typically get 2 days usage out of my Samsung Gear s3 Frontier watch.


Have you perhaps downloaded an app around the same time which maybe using more battery ?


Sometines a back up and reset via the watches settings can help.


To add a Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic test for you. 



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