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Samsung Gear S3 - Calorie Count issue


Hi Everyone, 


If you could possibly help, I have a Gear S3 Frontier and I seem to be having issues with the calorie count. Before I even walk it says ive burnt 400 and then by the end of the day its over 1000. I pedel to work, but on my ***** all day near enough. Im not sure if this is a fault with the software or the hardware itself. Anyone else have this issue ? 





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Or it could be how much mental effort you put in at work, @TDazza123.


(Just trying to get you a raise.)




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So there is no issues then, this cannot be right tho can it ?
JessL Moderator

Have you checked the Profile Settings in S Health on your phone? 


Is your height and weight accurate? This could be affecting the calorie count. 

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I just bought mine and it starts the day at 459 calories or yesterday 700. It should stop at midnight I don't understand how to fix it

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Im having the same problem too.  Just bought few weeks back.  I was on treadmill yesterday for not even an hour but it counted as though I lost 7000calories.  Now,  Im just doing office works it detected as over 2000 calories lost.   How I wish this is true!!!!


Pls advice. 



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I'm having exactly the same issue, 1000cal added last night. The phone S8+ is accurate but the watch shows +1000cal on the day?!


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Based on the profile data that you have entered in your S health Profile, Gear s3 would automatically calculate the calories that you have burned with your BMR. As you need calories throughtout the day to perform actions, even when you sleep you are burning calories albeit at slower rate. So even if you are not wearing gear, it will show the calories burnt. So when you exercise, you will see that calories burnt are higher compared to the days when you were in active.


Hope it helps!



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Mine is also adding calories overnight while charging 370cal last night!

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You burn calories during sleep. I presume that is what is happening before walk. Throughout the day you burn calories, ie BMR, so 1000 would be the least calories you should be eating to maintain current weight 

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