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Samsung Gear S3 - Calorie Count issue

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This is exactly what I notice, a day at the office with the occasional strolls outside and climbing 2 floors' worth of steps yelds almost 2200 kcal. crazy right? I have no available update as of yet, I just bought the s3 this Monday.

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I am also having the same issue! I played football (UK) for over an hour in a competitive match. I run like a dog! Like Tevez but it only showed that i lost 367 calories on the auto work out. However, the goalkeeper burnt 411 calories using a fit bit. The average you would burn during the 1 hour should be 800 calories. 


How is this so far out and how do i rectify this? Samsung live chat keep saying my watch is faulty but i have seen so many threads with the same issue! 


My Gear 3 details are:

Model - SM-R760


Software  - R760XXU2BQC5

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I just recently got the same problem, my Gear 3 started to count calories totally wrong. I went for a 20 min run today, and Gear 3/ Samsung Health says I burned over 750 kcalon that run, and that is almost twice the amount. So somethibg is definately WRONG with my watch or Samsung Health.


Should I add serial number here? R5AJ207CSZX, if that helps...




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I am having the same problem. Otherwise, I very much like Samsung Health. 


Samsung, please advice on how to fix this issue. 


Thank you!

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It still didn' fix after 3 months so I returned mine and got a refund mate.


Right, I was also confused about this. Samsung uses your BMR and then adds on calories burned from exercise so you're going to show more calories burned than someone who has a watch that only tracks calories burned. Personally what Samsung is doing seems more accurate but it just depends on the user. 


Same issue with the S4!!

This is unbelievable, The Samsung watch is counting calories and steps even if you ain't wearing it !

Any Fix Samsung ??!


"You burn calories during sleep"...

The Samsung watch is counting calories and steps even if you ain't wearing it ! (when its charging ??)

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Hi guys.  


I think what is happening here is that Samsung have calculated your BMR from your details and evenly spread these throughout the day. Therefore even if the wearable is not on it will continue to count the kcal that it takes to keep your body alive. 


Burning about 2000 kcal a day without exercise is totally plausible for someone with the right height and weight stats.


It will then add the kcal that you are burning from exercise and it may appear that you have burned 700 kcal from a run, but that is most probably your BMR for the day up to that point + the exercise that you have just completed. 


I hope this is what is happening and that this helps. 



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I have the same issue. Today I did 2k steps in 6hours ()no food at all) and there were burned 1300 kcalories. It's not normal. Because for example during regularf evening walk 2k steps fire onle 25 kcalories. I dont't really understend how to fix. Due the first reason of those device was accurate calculations calories steps and so on.

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