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Samsung Galaxy Watch wrist pain


It's not the HR monitor. I've tried many fitness trackers and the ones with wireless charging and open charging ports caused pain while those with watch batteries and covered charging ports did not.

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I have the same pain.
When I bought the watch, I wanted to use it even for sleep. But I woke up every night with a lot of wrist pain and had to get it out.
As I like the watch, I did not have the courage to return it, but I can only use it a few times a day.
I started to use it on the other arm, but I started having the same pain in my other arm as well.
The problem is that the pain persists for hours even after the removal of it.

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I'm a week out using the watch and I no longer get the pain. I said its the HR monitor becaue its not flush with the bottom of the watch. It protrudes from the bottom of the watch slightly.  Leather straps, push it up two or three fingers above your wrist, slightly tighten over the next few days. I wear it almost 24/7 unless its charging or I'm showering. But I did have the same pain everyone is talking about which is nerve pain. The first night I had to take it off and the pain lingered for awhile, but after doing everything I mentioned above a week later I don't feel any pain. 


It's not any signal in the watch or you're sensitive to "waves" ect... take your watch off and press on the nerve on where the watch lies and you will feel the same pain. Therefore its just nerve pain. 

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I'll try

Many thanks for you recommendation! 


Yes I totally agree, and I'm not even sure if I can return it?

My pain lasted for week later.

Have not worn the watch now for 4 weeks as I'm on time off from work, but when I return I will try again, thinking of putting something under the watch to see if that helps. 

I love the watch and need it for work. 

But if pain keeps up, i don't know what to do.

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Hi guys 


I have been a smart watch fan boy for years,  I purchased the original samsung smart watch then the classic and now the new galaxy watch every time I wear then I get  pain full in wrist out to my index finger and center of palm once I take off the watch and warm hand it goes away ... had this with apple watch as well not sure if it's the led or blue tooth Wi-Fi or cellular signal I to wrist but when I done wear it there is no pain

 I persist because I love the device however I'm not sure of long term effects ... Samsung must have tested frequencies including cellular being constantly pinged through your wrist ??? 

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Exactly same re my samsung 3gear watch tried it on both hands soar wrist very soar taken it off and no pain
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I have a leather band on my watch and its still happening
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I was having the same pain in my wrists as well. I loosened the band over an over and it made no difference. A friend suggested I turn off the heart rate checker and wear the watch face on the inside on my hand instead of the outside and the combination seems to have solved the problem for me. I was getting pain within a couple hrs before and it's been about two days with it switched this way so I would say give it a try if you still have the device. For reference, I am using the Gfit 1


I've recently found out that silicone straps help. I replaced the silicone strap of one of my fitness watches with a leather one and the pain got wayyyy worse. Silicone must work as a barrier.

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