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Samsung Galaxy Watch HR




I've found that while I'm behind the wheel, driving, the HR show ridiculous values, like 198bpm. After a restart it show correct value.


I'm assuming that the watch take then car speed (50-100km/h) and consider that I am running at that speed so the BPM should have sky values. 


I've attached some screenshots, after every ridiculous value I recorded my BPM using phone sensor and got 60-70bpm which is correct.


What is going on with this watch? Will be a software update or is a hardware problem?


If there will not be an update which will fix I will return the watch as I am really disappointedSmartSelect_20181002-095400_Samsung Health.jpg


Screenshot_20181003-085557_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20181003-180930_Samsung Health.jpg


SmartSelect_20181003-181026_Samsung Health.jpg



It is nothing to do with driving, it looks like your heart rate monitor wasn't recording your heart rate correctly. You can see on your graph that there are a lot of gaps and missing data. This is a problem with the new GW at the moment and I'm hoping that an update will rectify the problem. Just wish someone from Samsung would come on here and confirm. 


Probably not but is happening almost every time when I am driving so I believe that the HR is reading wrong values when I am behind the wheel


I've found what was wrong, wearing it higher on the arm, above the wrist fixed the issue not it's working correctly 

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