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Samsung Galaxy Watch Delay?

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I've not had any information on a delivery date or any delay but going by the US customers I'm guessing there will be similar delays in the UK? thanks for updating us Samsung. 


Anyone had any information possible dates I can expect the watch to be available? 


Very disappointed by this, have been very excited to receive my watch.


Any info is appreciated thank you

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I pre ordered on 27 Aug for the 7 Sep launch. Funny old thing, I got an email today saying that Samsung did not send them enough stock to meet all the orders. They expect to ship the watch out some time during the week starting 17th Sep!  Why do I always fall for the same Sumsung pre order hype! Some people in the US have been waiting over a month for pre order watches when shops have stock. How does this happen. 

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Same here guys

Pre ordered mine from argos 2 weeks ago for 7th sept delivery

Recieved email wednesday delay with no date

Samsung is masive how come they keep getting things wrong?

The worst part is not knowing whats going on

Feel like a mushroom in the dark :-(


I placed my order through very and I got nothing from them about the delay. Their automated order status system said that delivery will take place on 24 September presuming that there aren't any further delays. 

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Also pre ordered for delivery on the 3rd September and my wife's rose was sent, but my 46mm silver one wasnt. Got an email on the 7th saying that Samsung expects to ship all orders on the last week of september and giving a Code for 50 euro credit.... WTF am i going to buy with 50 euro on galaxy apps???? Every app there is?
On amazon i could already have the watch. On any retailer i could go inside the shop grab one and buy it.

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Nope. Same at amazon. I ordered weeks ago, for delivery today. 


Checked last night and everything was going ahead as normal. Checked my email this morning and its been delayed until 12-18th Sept 

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I can't believe Samsung ( a multi million pound company ) are getting this so wrong?

all the hype and all the free people on youtube have theres but paying costomers like us are left out to dry.

i have no idea when mine is due, all i recieved was its delayed? what a week, a month who knows?

you would think someone from Samsung would come on here and update us to whats going on??


i guess if all us pay up front and Samsung bank the money for a month, it will be a nice little money bonus for them......

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I cant even get a straight answer from samsung, I got a dispatch notification on 6th Sept saying it will arrive on 7th which it didn't, opened a support case and they sent me another email saying ii will arrive on 10th, again no watch. they cant even admit that it is going to be delayed. Very annoyed and disappointed by samsung.

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I ordered the watch as well and was told it would be delayed until this week, but I heard it will be the 22nd of March release date, is this right?


This thread is for the Galaxy Watch that was released last year. You need a thread for "Galaxy Watch Active". I think they're supposed to be released on 20 March 2019 from my order confirmation. Did you order direct with Samsung?

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