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Samsung Galaxy Watch Delay?


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My husband ordered the Samsung Galaxy watch 4G 46mm for me on Monday evening as a gift. The order was to be delivered yesterday but was not received. I called Samsung to enquire about my order and was told that the lady would have to escalate this issue with the logistics team and get back to me today once she'd heard from them. I hadnt receieved a call back so I called them to see what the hold up was and see if they had any news but the lady I spoke with said she wasnt able to help as the only thing she could do was to raise the query with the logistics team AGAIN and then call me back at some point today?!

I asked to speak with a manager as I find it find it completely unacceptable that a huge corporation like Samsung wouldn't even give their employees the access that they need in order to deal with delivery queries. The ladies just gotten back to me saying that I have to wait for a phone call from her colleague and that I should receive a call in 10 to 15 minutes which I'm waiting for but my questions to the people on this thread has anyone faced this issue before? If so how long did the delivery take? And does anyone have any information in regards to to why Samsung unable to give me a straight answer for when my delivery is?

So disgusted in this delivery process, really kicking myself for not buying the watch from third party sellers eg Currys or Amazon or even EE!


Sorry to hear the you've had problems with delivery. 


You can track your order from the online shop. If you go into your orders and select the order for the watch, it should give you the option to see tracking. They would have also emailed you when the watch was shipped and there should be a link to track the delivery there as well.


From the Samsung website, if you press the menu option at the top left corner, the three lines, that will show a menu. At the bottom you'll see an option to sign in or track order. With you ordering a watch I assume you've got a Samsung account so select "sign in" and then log into your account. Once you've done this, press the menu option again and at the bottom you should see an option that says "orders". Select that and see if you can find your order. If you can, underneath the order details there's an option that says "track shipment". It's on the same line where it says "orders and cancellations faqs" which is a separate link so make sure you click the track shipment link. This should then take you to the courier website and show the tracking in full. You can then contact the courier directly.


All my deliveries from Samsung have be delivered by DHL or DPD. I've never had a problem with deliveries except for locating my home as it's in a pretty awkward place.


I hope you get to the tracking. If you want, you can just select track order without signing in and enter the details it asks you for and that should take you to the courier that is going to deliver your watch. I've attached a screenshot of the menu on where it shows to sign in or track.20191127_143754.jpg


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Hey thanks for your reply! So basically had to call a few more times cos no one called back and got told that the watch is out of stock which is why they wont send it to me! They had no issues taking the money though. Wont change the delivery address either so I cant get it delivered to my new address once I move unless I cancel my order and wait for them to come back in stock. The phone cut after 10mins of me waiting to speak to a supervisor so I cancelled the order myself, Im just really annoyed that I waited it for it come in stock and ordered it only to be told its out of stock?!


Are you ordering through the website or through Samsung Members app?


I've just checked and the watch is showing in stock with an "add to basket" option. It would say that it was out of stock. 


Did you check the tracking? Did you get an email from Samsung Shop saying that your order was shipped?


I've attached the screenshot.20191127_145208.jpg


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Ordering off the website. My husband went on last week and it was out of stock so he asked to be notified when its back in, as soon as we got the email saying it was back in stock we ordered the watch for next day delivery. Got the confirmation email and then radio silence, called them and went through all the extra stress that wasnt needed only to be told today I wont be receiving my watch cos its out of stock so they cant send it to me?

I was online earlier and it was showing in stock too but when I added to the basket it was taking me to a page asking for an email address so that they could notify me when it would be in stock? Honestly theres something wrong with the website but the customer service is a joke too considering no one told me this information earlier and kept saying they have to raise it to the logistics team!

Ah yes I see what you mean now. It's a shame really. I presume the refund will be issued. Have you the email confirming refund?

I've had a look round for you and I can see EE has it and John Lewis. The link for John Lewis is:

Just a point to note, the 4G LTE option is currently only available through EE. I've got the Watch Active2 but got it more for it being stainless steel than the 4G LTE. I'll add the 4G some point down the line when my network provider, 3, adds this option.
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Yeah lol


Thanks for looking around mate thats kind of you. Ive taken it out through EE. Costing me £50 more over 24 months but oh well


Yeah so the 4G is available on EE and Vodafone at the minute. Hopefully 3 bring it out soon so you can get it on 4G!


Thanks again 

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