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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Strap

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Today I received my new Samsung galaxy watch active 2. I upgraded from the first watch active after only a few months so I decided to get the larger 44mm variant. Unlike the first watch the galaxy watch active 2 only comes with one strap size which does not fit me. Luckily the strap from my older smaller watch fits and is compatible however this is only a temporary solution since I'm planning to sell my old watch. Any solution? The representative I spoke to on the telephone said buy one on Amazon or return the device but it would be a shame to have to return the entire device just over the strap.

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@Rmw98: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. I've had a look for you and regretfully the Online Shop at is currently out of stock of replacement straps for the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Although it's not ideal, you could look to replace the strap for your original Active - to check your options, please follow the link below.
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This is exactly what's happening in Canada, too.  My partner and I both pre-ordered 44mm sized ones, and they came with large-sized strap only.  She couldn't wear it as it was too large for her wrist.   We found out that 40mm watch comes with a small-sized strap and checked the availability with the local Samsung Store.  We were told the small-sized strap is not available for order at this moment, and they don't know when they are going to be available either.  Same reply when we called Samsung Canada Customer Service. 


Come on Samsung!  What's going on here??  It's a big let down after all the anticipations. 

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A rose gold watch strap should fit 90% of women.

Your strap size is sized for men. It should fit wrists from 6.3-9 inches to cover the majority of women. Currently even overweight women couild have a strap that is too loose for them due to the poor design 

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Buy a strap from Amazon.
Samsung clearly is putting a mens' strap on all the watches.

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