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Samsung Galaxy Buds left earpiece low volume issue

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Hey all. I purchased a pair of Galaxy Buds a couple weeks ago after some recommendations from a friend, and because I had a Note 9. 

They worked well for a bit, but out of nowehere, the left bud became about 25% as loud as the right bud. This was at work, when I had briefly taken the buds out to answer a question. They have never gotten wet nor been through any physical trauma.


So far, I've tried: resetting the buds though the Wearable app, cleaning both the rubber earpiece and the mesh cover (carefully and upside-down), connecing then to a couple independent devices before and after the reset, toggling the ambient noise setting, cycling through every long touch setting per earpiece (yes, quick ambient noise/assistant/ambient noise/volume control), every equalizer setting, all software updates before/after resetting.

The left bud is still about 25% as loud as the right. And yes, I've verified with my own right ear and with other parties that it's not just my left ear that's hearing things more quietly. 

Please help me out with some info on what might be going on here. I'm very disappointed with the firmware in this product, especially at this price point.

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