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Samsung Fit e - missing steps in Health app


I have an issue with my Samsung Fit e band (E375). Not all steps are synchronizing with Samsung Health app. On the band screen I see correct number of steps (I have looked from time to time at band during the day so I know that number is accurate). In the Samsung Health app, I don't see all the steps. There are time periods where no steps were counted in the app while the band apparently counted all of them correctly. Why the band is not synchronizing all the steps? Is it possible to synch it manually?


Refreshing app doesn't help. I also tried to reset band, phone, Bluetooth connection. The Samsung app is set up to show only steps from the band.

CarloL Moderator

Hey @cornerek! Best thing to do here is to get in touch with the Samsung Health team. You can reach them by calling the number 08009951079 or by filling in this form:


Thanks! I will ask them! :-)

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