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Samsung Active 2 watch Google Assistant

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Is there any possible way users could use Google's Assistant instead of Bixby on the lastest Active watch?? I can't stand bixby and I use Google's assistant all the time. I have a Fitbit versa at the moment however I want to upgrade to a smartwatch capable of 4g/LTE connection. When I go on runs I hate bringing my phone so I want a smart watch that I can make calls and recieve them but also have google assistant so I can easily say "ok, google" and be promoted with an actual assistant that can actually be useful unlike the bixby assistant. I love Samsung's products as I but I refuse to use bixby. I was thinking about preordering the Active 2 but if I'm going to be forced to use bixby I'm just going to buy another brand. Is there any news about Google's assistant being accessible on any Samsung smart watches in the near future?

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I agree with this guy.

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i found THIS LINK while searching for a way to use Google Assistant on my pre-ordered Galaxy Watch Active2. When it arrives I'll definitely give it a try for myself. Good luck!

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