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S8 smart view not working

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Long press the smart view button on the drop down menu and clear the cache.

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Hi There

I see you have made quite a lot of comments about SmartView not working and things to try to fix it.  I have a Samsung S6 phone and have been able to stream in the past from my phone to my Samsung Smart TV.  The TV and phone find each other just fine, however, the app that I am streaming from my phone will only work about about 2 1/2 minutes and then the screen mirroring ends.  I did find that there were 2 other devices listed on my TV and I have deleted both of those.  There was some suggestion that I should delete from phone from the list as well, is that a good idea?  My TV does not require any updates, nor does my phone.  I haven't tried to mirror this app for probably 6 months (it's a netball app provided by Telstra).  I can stream this ap fine just on my phone, but when I try to mirror it to my TV it only works for a couple of minutes then stops.  I don't want to use the Smart View app as that requires you to be on the wi-fi network and then the app will use my home network data {which is limited).  If I just use the phone connected to the mobile network Telstra will allow me to stream the app "data free".

I hope you can help.


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Ty! I can't believe I was so dense I didn't even think to do that. I spent hrs looking for a solution.

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Dear all,


I was having the same problems with smartview and have found another solution. Try to resetting the TV to factory settings.

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Ok, find the remote that came with Samsung smart TV, go to menu, general, external device manager, device connect manager, and device list.

Delete all on this list.

Then go to smart view, connect and be ready to [allow] on your remote/TV .


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Thanks for replying to my problem.  Unfortunately I had already done that but it still bombs out after a few minutes.  My phone is actually an S6.  My daughter's S8 streams fine, so I think it is something that has happened after an update to the phone.

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I’m trying to connect through my iPhone 8plus and it anable to connect 

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Hi there I have same experience last few days but I managed to connect with my tv via smartthing app an follow the instructions download and you need to activate code which will display on your tv when its says rest try then after that setup you can able to connect via smart view  app try this I hope that help 

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