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S8 plus notifications not being sent to Gear S3

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Is anyone else having issues with receiving notifications on their Gear S3 when being sent from their S8 plus? Notifications are very intermittent!!! My watch works fine as if I connect it to another phone I get all my notifications.

KellyM Moderator

Hey @Weaths,


Are you having problems with all notifications, or notifications from certain apps? Is your Samsung Gear app up to date? Head to Samsung Gear app > Settings > About Gear > Update Gear Software. 

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I am having the same issues. And like the previous person who asked the question, I can sync to another phone and everything works correctly. The software is updated. 

AntS Moderator

Hi @gyrlfryday.


Any specific notifications affected?


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I have similar problem with my S8 on Gear S3 setup keep changing on gear app and some calls not being forwarded. Bluetooth disconnecting at a 10-15 range and many other issues that I did not have with same watch connected with S7.
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