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S3 Frontier Sleep tracking broken!


Since installing the update, myself and quite a few others I know of have had issues with sleep tracking.


It is now tracking sleep during the day, as in, any period of low movement like sitting and watching TV or playing one games console..Screen_20190128_184005.png




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Did you manage to fix this?

I'm also getting this issue after the Tizen update. It still contines to track sleep even after I walked around for hours.

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Same here. Got the Tizen update this week and since then the sleep tracker is no longer working. :-(


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Same here. Since the Tizen 4 update, my Gear S3 Frontier will record sleep at random times when I'm awake. It used to work well before the update :-(


Same here... If I sit down during the day, it will record me as having slept. I guess we all have low resting heart rates, low 50's? Sleep tracking is pretty useless for me now, so I've gone back to my Alta HR, which is way better for sleep monitoring.

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Same here, Tizen 4 update broke it. Some nights it doesn't track, other days random bogus maps during meetings etc.


Another bug: I can't calibrate my altimeter, no matter what I try the error cycles between "no network found" and forcing me to enter the values manually. I have done this outside with full GPS reception (tested with speedometer), on WiFi and on Bluetooth.


Why does this ***** get released without regression testing? It's not only Samsung, lately Microsoft and Oracle also introduce more bugs than fixes in new releases.


Note how quiet this forum is with Samsung responses...


By the way my redding heart rate is 85-95 so it's not related to that (medication screws up my HR)




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Lots of very good points there AndiR. I also don't see any correlation with heart rate and the sleep tracking app. It used to be so good - it would reliably recognize those periods of time when woke up in the night. Now, I can be up, moving around, using my phone, using my watch. And my Gear S3 thinks I'm still asleep. How did this "update" pass QC?


I read one suggestion on the reddit forum about this issue, which was to reset the watch.  I tried that and it made no difference to my Gear S3 :-(


And yep - silence from Samsung :-(

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Also getting this all the time....


Doing some office work, moving around, moving my hand all the time, (mouse movement with my watch on my right hand).


Still the watch keeps doing several sleep records during my awake time , every day..


My sleep isn't tracking at all now. It was working a week or so ago, I recall an update I think...Samsung giveth and Samsung taketh away...

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