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S Health steps not syncing correctly with MFP


I have recently bought a Samsung gear sport as I have a Galaxy s7 edge and previously had a fitbit but had loads of issues. 

I have managed to get the s health and MFP apps to connect, no mean feat, but the steps coming from s health to MFP are incorrect. The steps are over counting by a significant amount, 1000's. 

My gear sport is uploading to s health fine and the calorie count is coming over from MFP fine but the step count, and therefore calorie burn, Is incorrect. 

The internal pedometer on my phone is reading the gear sport step count so I don't have any idea where the inflated step count is coming from! 

I have tried selecting Samsung tracker in MFP as source for steps but then I get nothing. 

I can't be the only person having this issue. 

Please help!! 

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I too was a MFP user and found both with Fitbit and Samsung Health the connections were far too unreliable so now I've switched from MFP to Lifesum. The connections are rock solid steps and activity data from Samsung are in Lifesum and food/calories go across to Samsung no glitches it just works!
Hope it helps.
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