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Running stats different between S health and Strava


I used my s health app to record my run on my S8 today, however when it automatically sync to my strava account it posted with different results average pace 50sec faster than result on S health. Please can anyone advice any solution to this. 

I am thinking of getting a galaxy watch mainly for running but if this is an issue I may go for alternative options.

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I had the same problem as well. All my splits are different time on S Health and Strava.  In face distance is different too!! 14.1km on S Health and 13. 7km on Strava. This is after having to wait until midnight for SHealth to update Strava... not cool. 


Why isnt the exact times transferred? 

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Same here.


I did a 3.6 mile run yesterday.  Samusung Health recorded it as such, but when it uploaded my run to Strava (THIS MORNING!!!!) it logged it as 2.9 miles!


This is ridiculous..... how can it take .7 of a mile off my run?????


Please tell me someone is looking into this??????

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Mine too, has been like this for a while. I just got it back from the Samsung Service repair bwcause it stopped working altogether. Repair and replacement of motherboard was thankfully under warranty but even still, my run today on strava was 1km and 9 minutes off actual running time. So frustrating!!

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