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Rose gold watch 42mm


Did you get the celular 42mm watch or the bluetooth version like me? Don't think there was much in it, maybe £50 difference? Was wondering what the difference is from a users standpoint - I'm guessing not much other than the ability to make and receive texts/calls without needing to be paired to a phone? One feature that would be cool and I would like to see on the watch is the ability to set the heart rate monitor to make an audble alert when a heart rate hits a pre defined value as set by the user, that way not only can we monitor our heart rate but know when to take a rest. Oh, I'd also like to do some chalenges via the samsung health app but it's impossible to find any challengers! I do the global challenge thing but so many cheats on the Rankings page. 

Haha no idea ,,42 mm cost 279 i did not know about bluetooth,,this has bluetooth though!
You'd know if you had the cellular model. WiFi and Bluetooth is the standard model.
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