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Recent update on S8 an galaxy watch πŸ‘Ž

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The recent S8 update is totally destroying the battery on my galaxy watch! Before the update I was getting 48hrs + now I'm lucky if I get 12hrs use out of the watch. So not happy with it, it changed all the settings in the S-health app. It doesn't count floors any more and I'm getting notifications for every health condition going apart from the ones I set up! The health app is now a disaster all the setting in the wearable app changed! It connects an unconnects to bth whenever it wants i have to reconnect through the app! at  I've only had the watch less than a month and it was working perfectly fine before the update had no problems with it what so ever! 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, reset the watch and still nothing it's still draining the watch battery. 

What on earth am I missing? Apart from sending the ***** thing back for a refund cause at the moment it is absolutely useless as i can't even trust it to track anything correctly. 

By the way mine is the LTE version on EE and today it wouldn't even send a message from the watch although it said it been sent! 

😑 bad update and needs fixing!!!! Soon

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