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Rash with Galaxy watch

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I have been developing a rash with my Galaxy watch. It is the 46 mm size. The rashes on the inside of my wrist. I don't have any allergies other than hay fever. I've never been tested for latex but somebody here mentioned the possibility of there being latex in the strap. I would like to know what Samsung is planning to do about this problem. Will they offer free replacement straps? That would be the best solution. Please reply thank you.20190210_074245.jpg






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This is a similar thread @zzohyo  with information within.



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Thanks BandofBrothers. 


@zzohyo: If you've followed the precautions/care tips given in my post in that thread, and the symptoms persist, I'd advise getting in touch with with your local Samsung Support.


I'll close this thread off to make sure it doesn't divide attention from the other one.


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