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Ramdom vibrate notifications - galaxy watch


I'm tired of my galaxy watch vibrating as though there is a notification, with no notifications recorded on the watch.

If my watch vibrates, there should be a notification - if I've walked away from my paired phone, and this is what it's trying to tell me, THERE SHOULD BE A NOTIFICATION available to review on the watch - AND I SHOULD BE ABLE TO TURN OFF THAT CATEGORY of notification. Excess, meaninless vibrations devalue the usefulness of the vibtate feature.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @whyneedaname.


It may be worth resetting your watch to see if this helps. Have a look at this link for more info on this.


Only got it 12 days ago, so doubt it already needs a full reset!!!


I know what this particular alert is.. I'm walking too far away from my phone, or at least I ASSUME this is the case, but .. BUT WHY DOES IT NOT TELL ME THIS..... so I would know for sure? 


Not difficult, if the routine to buss the watch is called, LOG the reason why!!!!

ChrisM Moderator

We'll log this with the developers, @whyneedaname. We'll be back in touch when we receive a response.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi, @whyneedaname.


Our developers have asked if you would be able to send an error report through the Members app when you receive this vibration on your watch next. 


On the watch, make sure that Settings > About Gear > Report Diagnostics >  Toggle On.

On your phone, launch ‘Galaxy Wearable App’ > More (3 dots) > Contact us > Error Reports > Input Symptoms > SEND.


or even easier... just pair a watch to a phone, leave your phone on the desk, and go to the toilet (or anywhere some distance away from the phone).. you will get a vibrate with no alert message - I doubt the phone will pick up the 'error' as at this point it loses connection with the watch... (but I'll give it a try when I get some time)

ChrisM Moderator

No problem, @whyneedaname!


Just got my galaxy watch yesterday.  Same issue (along with many others).  Getting vibration notifications but there are no notifications.  And my Galaxy S7 phone is sitting right next to me.  Anyone have a solution for this?  I expect things to work out of the box...

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I am getting the same problem. New out of box today (May 6, 2019). Just replicated the losing connection stimulus theory by putting my phone at one corner of the apartment and walking to the other corner. After waiting in the other corner for a little bit the vibration happened with no visible notification on the watch. Don't seem to get the vibration when I'm sitting with my phone for a long periods, nor do I remember it ever happening. Keen for Samsung to resolve this bug for a brand new watch.

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Same here is it just telling you it's no longer  bluetooth paired with handset 

I would love to turn it off

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