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Petition: Replace the Ai software (bixby) with Google Assistant in Galaxy Smart watch.


Bought the SmartWatch 2 weeks ago and im so dissapointed with Bixby, I hoped it would be like Google's Ai which i have on my android TV. extremly useful. but unfortunatly its a pile of garbage, I feel like a have a very regular watch just now i have to charge it.
360$ I spent on it and the ROI is negative here. 
If you feel the same please support me and lets demand this change on the software! (its not too late.)


small Comparison of the AI's: (not made by me)

TracyR Moderator

I appreciate that it's not ideal for you, @NiRo_O, however the Galaxy Wearable range runs on Tizen OS, and this does not Support Google Assistant. 


I can also see that your currency is in $ and not £ or €, in that case I'd also recommend reaching out to Samsung in your region as you're on the UK/Europe forum here. 



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Absolutely correct.


The answer is for Samsung to ditch Tizen and get android upgrade developed for the watch.  Or keep Tizen and get the hooks over to Google so Assistant can run on the Galaxy Watch 46mm.


Ignore the marketplace at your own peril Samsung ..... Sony learned the hardway with Beta Max all those decades ago .... you cannot capture a market with a completely inferior product by forcing people to use it.   You can only drive them completely to another manufacturer while you continue to dilude yourself the Bixby is a product.... it is not... it is an engineering experiment turned loose on the public.....


You will know when Bixby (Svoice with a dumb name) is ready when you release it and people choose it over Assistant.  A tall mountain indeed, but one you must climb with performance, not a lockout operating system.


#freethegalaxywatch #bixbysucks #assistant4galaxywatch 


It took less than a month for the market to respond with an app that killed that stupid Bixby button on my Note 9 !  You will only win this if all you care about is the Korean marketplace ....... ignore the USA marketplace at your own peril!!!


Can't agree more. I don't understand why anyone would use bixby when we have Google assistant. Plus I hate it that they want to force you to use the stupid bixby so called assistant. At least earlier we had the option to disable it on the S9. Now with the new update, we can only change it to one or two presses of the button?? What a load of bull****

AntS Moderator

To play the devil's advocate a little on this one: 


Given the investment in Bixby throughout the global Samsung ecosystem (smartphones; wearables; TV’s; home appliances... and anything else that'll come along) and a movement towards greater connectivity/integration within that ecosystem, I don’t think it’s something that’s going to be easily abandoned. Shouts (however many) of “Bixby sucks!” or "I love Google Assistant!" are more likely to encourage the developers towards improving and innovating Bixby rather than consigning it to history.


Tizen's not going to be easily dropped either. How Google Assistant fares on iOS perhaps offers an insight into some of the challenges that'd be faced for implementation on another OS such as Tizen:


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While I can understand Samsung has pumped in millions if not billions on bixby, forcing it down the throat of phone users like me is in poor taste. I mean I made a sizeable investment in buying their phone this just makes me want to take my business elsewhere next time. And I realise that one person's £700 may not sound like a big deal to Samsung but still doesn't change the fact that they think they know best. And I also know no one forces me to use bixby but the placement of the dedicated button on the S9 leaves much to be desired. Just my 2 cents...

Shouts of #bixbysucks and #freegalaxywatch may encourage the developers to work harder?


They should have done that long ago.  The train wreck has started ..... not time to work on the project correctly now ... time to get the carnage halted and the passenger a method to get on with business. 


The programmers have been measured and found wanton and came up failed. 

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Bixby definitely is far behind any other voice assistant. Even Microsoft's Cortana is light years ahead of Bixby. Unfortunately we seem stuck with Bixby unless Samsung decides to change to Wear OS as the operating system on the watches. I am sure it would not be hard, but then the question is, would we lose the better battery life and snappy interface response if moved to Wear OS. Wear OS is not as battery optimised.
Then why not use Google assistant instead of Bixby on your phone. I do
Might read the whole thread. This is about Galaxy watch
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