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Official Samsung reply to Google Pay


Dear Samsung

I brought Gear 3 watch thinking it was going to have Google pay on it, from my basic search on the net it's more a less confirm Samsung don't support Google pay. So today I am set out to ask you why don't you support Google pay and when are your end user going to get Google pay . If you suggest Google doesn't want to support gear S3 then why are we even using Android!  


Please speak to Google to help you arrange Google pay : what is your official response to this .

AndrewL Moderator
@Wazzie: Sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding this. As an alternative option you may wish to consider Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 - please check out the link below to find out more.
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I can't activate Samsung Pay in my Galaxy Watch Active. It doesn't have the CSC info for Ireland on it, so... Google Pay is definitely a viable option for us. Please work with Google to get their Pay onto Tizen.

The only issue there is all the big brand banks like Halifax, Natwest don't support Samsung Pay which brings me to the question 8 years after the launch of Samsung Pay why are the UK banks not supporting Samsung Pay?
I totally agree, we are paying customers, it is painful that your end users can't get what they want from their tech giant
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Please stop recommending Samsung pay as an alternative to Google pay until you increase the appauling selection of supported banks!

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