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No notifications on GWActive

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I offered a Galaxy Watch Active to my wife on mother's Day but it seems we are having some problems receiving notifications on the watch. The watch is paired with and iPhone SE. I'm aware that there are some limitations in pairing it with an Apple device, like not being able to reply to notifications in the watch, but in all the videos I saw pairing it with an iPhone none of them had this problem. 


The problem is that it doesn't receive neither SMS, WhatsApp or email notifications. But the weirdest thing is that receive notifications of an incoming call or a system message, for example when it's time to go to bed the iPhone received a message remembering that, and that message appears in the watch.Another issue is that in the app list of the Galaxy Watch app, in the place where we can manage the notifications, only appears the weather app. Not Gmail, not WhatsApp, any app at all apart from the weather app


I already try to paired it with an Android device and works fine, all the notifications are shown. I already checked and rechecked all the permissions, I already reinstall the galaxy watch app, I already made an hard reset to the watch but nothing seems to work.


Does anyone have any information on how to solve this or anyone have the same problem that can give me some intel? Would be great.



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I have the same problem with my watch and seems common having read a few threads on this online. Samsung's only response on this is it's been reported to relevant bug fixer , pretty appalling 

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