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New promotion 10/10/19 - 23/10/19


I'm very disappointed that this promotion has come about now as the galaxy S10 pre-orders received free galaxy buds and the customer's that pre-ordered the note 10/10 plus got and still gets nothing free, if that's not giving everyone that purchased early a big kick in the teeth I don't what is.


Shame on you Samsung!


And for those customer's that are thinking about complaining don't bother as and I quote "sorry but we can't offer anything free if it's out of promotion dates given"

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Imagine my situation. Bought on the 7th this month. 3 DAYS. So frustrated.

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Hi, i arranged my upgrade on the 9th, 3 hrs later the new earbud promotion appears on vodafone website, complain to customer service and told sorry cant do anything so they tell me to cancel my upgrade, so i returned the phone to a shop and in the same visit i upgraded again and have applied for my buds, what a load of hassle but they told me to do it !!!

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Was tempted to do the same. Decided it's to much hassle.


Point of the matter is that we shouldn't have to do things like that.


I have a sim only contract so all my phones are purchased outright so couldn't do that anyway, But we also have the 2nd point which makes me believe that Samsung are separating customer favourites by not feeling the need to roll out android 10 until the Galaxy S11 comes out in March, this sort of thing makes me suspicious to think that Galaxy S customer's are more superior and I was 1.


I'm currently reconsidering ever buying another Samsung!

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