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New promotion 10/10/19 - 23/10/19


I'm very disappointed that this promotion has come about now as the galaxy S10 pre-orders received free galaxy buds and the customer's that pre-ordered the note 10/10 plus got and still gets nothing free, if that's not giving everyone that purchased early a big kick in the teeth I don't what is.


Shame on you Samsung!


And for those customer's that are thinking about complaining don't bother as and I quote "sorry but we can't offer anything free if it's out of promotion dates given"

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Imagine my situation. Bought on the 7th this month. 3 DAYS. So frustrated.

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Hi, i arranged my upgrade on the 9th, 3 hrs later the new earbud promotion appears on vodafone website, complain to customer service and told sorry cant do anything so they tell me to cancel my upgrade, so i returned the phone to a shop and in the same visit i upgraded again and have applied for my buds, what a load of hassle but they told me to do it !!!

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Was tempted to do the same. Decided it's to much hassle.

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