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New Galaxy Watch & spotify / heart rate monitoring

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Thanks for your input. I have written a Mr Angry email to Samsung support. Can't beleive they have put so much advertising into the Spotify supported functionality with the new watch and they know it doesnt work properly! I'd be interested in any feedback you get. I suppose I have alot of digital music I can upload to the watch for excersize but I do like the fact that I can swap and change music on Spotify!


I would take it easy on Samsung for the moment. After some research, it is looking more like a common Spotify issue. I will update you later. May come to nothing.


I spoke with Spotify by message for 3 hours yesterday. They were really helpful.

We uninstalled/reinstalled etc. They deleted cache from their side. They provided me with a test account. 

Nothing worked, unfortunately. 

We established it happens with wifi or Bluetooth on or off. With saved track or streaming. With the mobile phone on or off. It can be triggered by a phone call being ended or even trying to set are reminder via the reminder widget.

I will go back to Samsung today about this. But if you Google "Spotify opens and starts playing after I hang up a call" - you will see this is a common issue on other devices and most results seem to be in Samsung and Android subforums.


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Thanks for the input and time spent on this. Its good to know I dont have a faulty watch. Having done quite a bit of research this does not seem to be an isolated issue and historically seems to have been much worse with Spotify starting on phones after calls or setting up reminders. So this is the main source of my frustration in that it certainly was an issue on the Gear S2 and Gear S3 (looks unresolved) and yet they have pressed ahead and even using this as a USP to attract new customers (like me) and its unworkable. I have had to temporarily delete the Spotify App from my watch. I do hope there is a resolution, soon. Its not quite a big enough issue for me to return the watch but has left me slightly disappointed.


The problem for me is that it was a watched billed as does a little bit of everything. Slowly feeling it doesn't quite do anything it says it does in the way it should.


@retrobod Do you by chance have the email address of support? Live Chat tell me there isnt one but they can pass my queries on, Id rather tell them myself.

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I pre-ordered the new Galaxy Watch and when it arrived was very pleased with it overall.


However since using for two weeks, I have also had issues where the heart rate monitor and stress level stops and refuses to record. The only way I have found to rectify is to reset (after backing up on my phone) it then seems to fix the issue.


This is annoying for a brand new flagship Samsung product, is it a fault, do Samsung know, is there a update pending ?


However still love the watch overall !!

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Any updates in this issue? 


Quite frustrating to be honest! 

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@retrobod wrote:

Update after a we chat with technical help I have done a full reset. Reloaded spitify and......... still the same problem. May have to consider a return in cases there is an issue with my watch :(

I just bought mine today and experienced the same issue. Spotify will start kicking. The only way I've found for not to get this awkward situation is to turn off media volume completely or uninstall spotify app.  Personnaly I've bought this watche mostly to get rid of my phone and be able to listen to music without it.. Because of that main reason,I will return it tomorrow.   I did try every possible troubleshooting step and it seems there is no fix for now. Even on sporify forum, this issue have been going on for the past year.  


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I'm having the same problem, after a call, the watch just starts playing music; It's very annoying. 

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