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New Galaxy Watch & spotify / heart rate monitoring

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First post so not even sure it is in the right area!

So got my new Galaxy Watch on Friday.

Love it!


1) Heart rate monitor stopped working on Saturday (turned the watch off and on again and now ok)


2) Spotify issues (premium member)

- App is flaky seems to thinks its offline when not

- Eventually deleted off the watch and re-installed

- App now starts playing music randomly on my watch - bit embarrasing in the middle of a meeting!!

- Closed the app so will re-try again later


Any others suffering?


Still love it though.



Re: Spotify

1) If I have been listening to a track and then paused it and then use the speaker to make a call, when you hang up Spotify kicks in again. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

2) Can others confirm; but in streaming mode on 42mm Bluetooth version via wifi I only get "Your collection" and "Playlist" options. Odd that you can't see Albums etc if only to select to download to watch. (I am a Premium Spotify user). Is this the same for everyone?

3) Offline mode via Bluetooth headphones seems to use 1% of better per song approx. Maybe expecting too much but definitely think this could be better. 

Re: Heart Rate

Mine stopped a lot whilst setting up the watch and playing extensively with it on day one. Maybe requires a restart after downloading apps etc and so much stopping and starting of various services during that initial day 1 playing period. No issues since I have finished setting up watch how I want it.


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Spotify - Ok so even though the app was closed it just started randomly after using Bixby. But before it just started randomly after I used the phone!



"Ok so even though the app was closed"

i.e when all apps are cleared? 

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All apps closed and it started playing.


Had to re-open the app to stop the music. It was not showing in recent apps!


Very odd. Wonder if that is an app issue or an OS issue.

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Update - make a call on my phone (not through watch) and it starts spotify after the call is made!

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Update after a we chat with technical help I have done a full reset. Reloaded spitify and......... still the same problem. May have to consider a return in cases there is an issue with my watch :(


Definitely not just you. I can generate the Spotify automatic starting issue every time now.

It is definitely not in running apps lists to start with and what is worse it isn't even there after it starts itself. So you have to go into Apps, scroll to correct page and select Spotify app.

What have they said about returns when you spoke to them?

FYI, Did a test today - 58mins of continuous Spotify via Bluetooth headphones drained about 31% of battery (without and fitness tracking or HRM on). 


Seems like you need to restart the watch everytime you stop using Spotify for it not to kick in when the speaker is used. I'm going to speak to them now.

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