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New Galaxy WATCH & Mapmyrun

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Specifically wanted to use my new watch for the GPS function whilst running and continue to record my activities on mapmyrun. 


A number of issues are:


Firstly the recorded distance is out compared to the app on my phone.


Secondly the app on either device don't sinc with one another.  I had two occasions recorded for the same run!!


Lastly the app stays running despite me closing it on both devices. Not only irritating but a drain on battery power.


Anyone have similar issues and / or know if in doing anything wrong?



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I was about to write a similar post. I've recently taken delivery of the 42mm version.  I bought it mainly for Samsung health to track my runs. I've used it on 4 runs now and it's only recorded 1 run to the end. I'm not sure if it's crashing or losing gps signal during my run.  The timer keeps going but it stops at a distance somewhere during my run and doesn't pick up again making all of the data (distance, pace, calories etc)  incorect. Very disappointed  I'm having to still track my runs on my phone as back up which kinda defeats the object.  I'm also struggling to get a whole day out of the battery. 

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I've got the same problem. I think it loses the GPS.  The GPS on this watch is so frustrating as I'm really struggling to get any GPS signal at all.


Think it may be down to a faulty  device so I might try and take it back to Samsung.

Did you find a fix? 

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I had no luck with Samsung. They had me jumping through hoops, repeating the same obvious steps id slreadt done and passing me back and forth. I was consious of my 14 day right to return so i returned it and purchased the 46mm and it was the best thing I ever did. Its recorded all of my runs with no issues what so ever.
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I bought my new galaxy watch 1 month ago. I must say I am very unhappy with it. Issues are as follow


1) it doesn't immediately wake up with wrist turn

2) no Nike+  App available 

3) in fact lots of apps that my girl friend can get on her apple watch are not available on my galaxy watch even though my note 9 has these apps. 

4) extreme lack of intuitivity with user interface

5) I down loaded map my run onto my watch, it then disappeared from my watch completely a week later

6) map my run doesn't always synch properly to my note 9 phone

7) I went running with just my watch on.  I opened map my run on my watch only to see a message from the app on the watch which read that it couldn't connect due to no bluetooth connectivity!!!! What the??? It always operated with GPS. So there was yet another run not recorded!!!! Extremely frustrated.

8) Samsung S Health doesn't record run maps

9) you have to program the watch to actually do the very basic things that you would expect a smart watch todo

10) alarm, stop watch and Timer are separate apps you have to download. How *****ic is that!!!!


This watch is a clunker. I am a Male but I can tell there has been no female involved in the design  of this. Learn from the automobile industry Samsung. Make sure everything you design is pre screened by a female user. It will save you the embarrassment 

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I'm having 100% the same issues..


Firstly the recorded distance is out compared to the app on my phone.

I have the same issues. A 4.0 mile run on my Samsung Watch is ~4.05-4.10 miles on my Note 9.


I also have issues where pausing/restarting doesn't work well with the GPS. Argh.



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Couldn't agree with all these comments enough. This is the worst smartwatch I have ever purchased. Having multiple issues with GPS, battery drain, watch not syncing etc. Have contacted Samsung several times who have also had me jumping through hoops. The watch has been reset so many times I'm fed up having to set it up again. Not impressed at all. Taking into the Samsung store tomorrow to see what they have to say.
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Hi all,


Update - I returned my Samsung Galaxy Watch. It's not worth the trouble. Absolutely horrible experience from start to finish, including the support from Samsung on this forum. I hope that Samsung doesn't allow their watch designers / support staff to move over to the mobile phone division...sheesh...

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