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My frontier 3 losing connection with my Note 9

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I've noticed that my watch is losing connection with my Note9 simply when I'm in the kitchen and my handset is on the living room table. Bluetooth and wifi are switched on,  nothing unusual in regards to the layout of my house. Distance between them isn't further than 8 meters. Previously I had the apple watch with and iPhone and this has never happened. More as a phone is a pure powerhouse but it's not compatible with the Amazon Alexa and I believe it's a shame as my house is Alexyfied and I'm seriously missing this...

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Season Greetings @Frontier3Note9


When the watch is on your wrist does the connection remain stable ?


Does any other Bluetooth devices like headphones / speaker work Ok with the phone  ?


If it does then it could be the thickness of your house walls and or the materials it's made out of.


If it does not remain stable then unpaired by deleting and then repair up.


A last resort would be to reset the watch after backing it up.


To add a Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic on the device(s)



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