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My Gear Fit2

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It has started discharging in 3-5 hours without any excercise tracking on regular usage.  Needs replacing?


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Is there a Hard Reset / reset option which may help ?


A Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Location could run a diagnostic on the device. 

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Hi @PMcG.


Might be worth a quick check that all of the software (including the Gear Manager app) is up to date, along with turning Wi-Fi off if you're not using it. Other power-saving tips are: decreasing the screen brightness; deactivating the Watch Always On feature; and customising the Notification settings to limit them.


There's some guidance on backing up (here) and resetting (here) a Gear Fit2 on the US Samsung site if you need to follow through on the first step of BandOfBrothers' suggestion.


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